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Big Buddy – Professional Behaviour Training

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Professional behavior training for cats is available to address various behavioral issues and help improve their overall behavior and well-being. While cats may have different training needs compared to dogs, professional behavior trainers can still provide valuable guidance and assistance.

Here are some common behavioral issues in cats that professional behavior training can help address:

Litter box problems: If your cat is not consistently using the litter box or is eliminating outside of the designated area, a behavior trainer can help identify potential causes and provide strategies to address the issue.

Aggression: Whether it’s aggression towards humans or other animals, a behavior trainer can assess the underlying causes of aggression and develop a behavior modification plan to reduce or manage aggressive behavior.

Destructive behavior: Cats may engage in destructive behaviors like scratching furniture or excessive chewing. A behavior trainer can guide you on providing appropriate outlets for these behaviors and implementing positive reinforcement techniques to redirect their behavior.