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Door Buddy Pet Door Latch For Cats

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The Door Buddy Pet Door Latch for Cats is a simple yet effective solution for keeping your cat’s access controlled while allowing airflow and visibility through a partially open door. It provides a safe and convenient way to give your cat access to certain areas of your home while keeping them out of restricted areas.

Key features of the Door Buddy Pet Door Latch for Cats include:

Adjustable design: The Door Buddy latch features an adjustable strap that allows you to set the door opening to your desired width. This allows you to create a space wide enough for your cat to enter or exit while keeping the door securely latched.

Easy installation: The latch is easy to install with no tools required. It attaches to the door and door frame using adhesive backing, making it suitable for various types of doors.

Quick-release functionality: The latch is designed with a quick-release feature that allows you to easily open or close the door as needed. This enables you to provide instant access for your cat or restrict their entry when desired.