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Pengxiaomei 2 Pack Pet Training Bells

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Pengxiaomei 2 Pack Pet Training Bells are a set of bells designed to aid in training pets, particularly dogs, to communicate their need to go outside for potty breaks or other purposes. The bells are typically hung near a door, and the goal is to teach the pet to ring the bells when they need to be let outside.

Here’s how the Pengxiaomei Pet Training Bells are typically used:

Bell placement: The bells are hung low enough for the pet to reach with their paw or nose. Commonly, they are hung on or near the doorknob of the door used to go outside.

Training process: Consistent training is required to teach the pet to associate ringing the bells with going outside. The training usually involves guiding the pet to touch or interact with the bells using their paw or nose and immediately rewarding them with praise, treats, or access to the outside. This association is reinforced through repetition and positive reinforcement.

Communication cue: Over time, the pet learns that ringing the bells signals their desire to go outside. This can help them effectively communicate their needs and reduce accidents inside the house.