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Dono Pet Training Pee Incontinence Pad

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Dono Pet Training Pee Incontinence Pads are disposable pads designed to provide a convenient and absorbent solution for pets that have urinary incontinence or require potty training. These pads are typically used for dogs but can also be used for other small pets.

Here are some features and benefits commonly associated with Dono Pet Training Pee Incontinence Pads:

Absorbency: The pads are designed to quickly absorb and lock in moisture, helping to keep the surface dry and preventing leakage.

Leak-proof backing: The pads usually have a leak-proof backing to protect your floors or carpets from any potential accidents.

Odor control: Many pads come with built-in odor control features, such as a moisture-activated scent or a carbon layer, to help minimize unpleasant odors.

Size options: Dono pads often come in different sizes to accommodate pets of various sizes and breeds. It’s important to select the appropriate size to ensure proper coverage and effectiveness.

Convenience: The pads are disposable, making cleanup easy and hygienic. They are often used in indoor environments, such as inside the house or in crates, to provide a designated area for pets to eliminate.