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Rosewood Battersea Three Catnip Cats

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The Rosewood Battersea Three Catnip Cats is a set of catnip-infused toys designed to engage and entertain your cat. Here are some features and benefits of these catnip cats:

Catnip Infusion: Each catnip cat toy in the set is infused with high-quality catnip. Catnip is a herb that many cats find irresistible and can create a stimulating and enjoyable experience for them during playtime.

Interactive Play: The catnip cats are designed to promote interactive play between you and your cat. You can toss, toss, and bat the toys for your cat to chase, pounce on, and engage with. This helps to provide physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Multiple Pieces: The set typically includes three catnip cats, which allows for more playtime options and the ability to rotate the toys to keep your cat’s interest fresh.

Soft and Cuddly: The catnip cats are usually made with soft and plush materials that are comfortable for your cat to cuddle with. They can also serve as comforting companions for your cat during relaxation periods.

Safe and Non-Toxic: The Rosewood Battersea catnip cats are typically made with safe and non-toxic materials, ensuring the well-being of your cat during play.

Size and Durability: The size of the catnip cats is usually appropriate for cats to carry and bat around easily. They are designed to withstand your cat’s playtime activities, but it’s always recommended to supervise your cat during play to ensure they don’t accidentally swallow any small parts.