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Rosewood Vision Classic 60 Mocha

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The Rosewood Vision Classic 60 Mocha is a bird cage designed for small to medium-sized birds. Here are some features of the Rosewood Vision Classic 60 Mocha bird cage:

Spacious Design: The Vision Classic 60 Mocha provides ample space for your bird to move around and exercise. It has a wide interior and tall height, allowing for vertical perching and flying.

Wire Construction: The cage is made of sturdy wire construction, providing durability and security for your bird.

Mocha Color: The cage comes in a mocha color, giving it an attractive and stylish look that can complement your home decor.

Multi-Access Doors: The Vision Classic 60 Mocha has multiple access doors, including a large front door and two smaller side doors. These doors make it easy to access and interact with your bird.

Removable Tray: The cage features a removable tray at the bottom, making it convenient for cleaning and maintaining hygiene.

Perches and Accessories: The cage comes with multiple perches and feeding dishes, providing your bird with various options for perching and eating.

Optional Accessories: The Vision Classic 60 Mocha cage is compatible with additional accessories, such as bird bath and bird playground attachments, which can enhance your bird’s environment and enrichment.