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Queta Automatic Cat Feeder And Water Dispenser

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The Queta Automatic Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser is a convenient solution for providing your cat with food and water on a regular basis. Here are some features and benefits of this product:

Automatic Feeding: The cat feeder portion of the device allows you to set specific meal times for your cat. It can dispense dry cat food at pre-determined intervals, ensuring that your cat is fed even when you’re not at home.

Programmable Timer: The feeder comes with a programmable timer, allowing you to set up to four meal times per day. You can customize the portion sizes for each meal to suit your cat’s dietary needs.

Large Capacity: The feeder has a large capacity, which means you can fill it with a sufficient amount of dry cat food to last for several days, depending on your cat’s feeding schedule and portion sizes.

Water Dispenser: The device also includes a water dispenser that continuously supplies fresh water for your cat. It helps to ensure that your cat stays hydrated throughout the day.

Easy to Use and Clean: The feeder and water dispenser are easy to operate and clean. They are made of durable materials that are safe for food and water contact. The removable parts can be easily disassembled for thorough cleaning.