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Neater Feeder Express Elevated

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The Neater Feeder Express Elevated is a feeding system designed to provide a more organized and mess-free feeding experience for your cat. Here are some features and benefits of the Neater Feeder Express:

Elevated Design: The feeder is elevated off the ground, which helps to promote a more natural and comfortable eating position for your cat. This elevated height can reduce strain on your cat’s neck and joints, especially for older or arthritic cats.

Two-in-One Design: The Neater Feeder Express consists of two separate compartments – one for food and one for water. This design helps to keep food and water separate, preventing cross-contamination and ensuring cleaner and fresher meals for your cat.

Spill and Splatter Control: The feeder features high walls and a raised back, which help to contain food and water spills within the feeder. The spilled food or water is collected in a lower reservoir, keeping the surrounding area cleaner and reducing the chances of messes spreading around your home.

Easy to Clean: The Neater Feeder Express is made of durable plastic and is designed for easy cleaning. The removable stainless steel bowls can be easily lifted out for washing, and the entire feeder can be wiped down or rinsed off as needed.

Non-Slip Base: The feeder comes with non-slip rubber feet on the bottom, providing stability and preventing the feeder from sliding or tipping over while your cat is eating or drinking.

Sizes for Different Cats: The Neater Feeder Express is available in different sizes to accommodate cats of various breeds and sizes. It’s important to choose the appropriate size to ensure your cat has enough space to eat comfortably.