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Fukumaru Raised Cat Bowls Small

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Fukumaru is a brand that offers raised cat bowls for small cats. Their raised cat bowl set typically includes two bowls and a stand. Here are some key features of Fukumaru Raised Cat Bowls:

Elevated Design: The bowls are elevated off the ground on a sturdy stand, providing a raised feeding platform for your small cat. This promotes a more comfortable and ergonomic eating position, reducing strain on the neck and improving digestion.

Non-Slip Base: The stand of Fukumaru Raised Cat Bowls is designed with a non-slip base, which helps to keep the bowls in place during mealtime. This feature prevents the bowls from sliding or tipping over, minimizing mess and spills.

Safe and Durable Materials: Fukumaru uses high-quality materials for their raised cat bowls. The bowls are typically made of ceramic or stainless steel, which are safe, hygienic, and easy to clean. These materials are also resistant to scratches and odors, ensuring long-lasting use.