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White Chin


"Misty, relaxing in our conservatory, queen of all she surveys. She is 13 today (19th October) & has had 2 cards so far and a new furry bed for her birthday!" - Vivien & Ian Steels

You have stepped out into your garden of grace
to observe trees, birds dancing like leaves,
watch grass shifting in waves
and to sniff wetness on flowers
after rearranging dark earth,
paws scrabbling at roots.

Now you slink gently as silence
venturing into conservatory, then house,
assume patrol position on wide windowsill
to ensure all your great outdoors is in its place
then you come to me,
butting me with nose and side of cheek,
licking my hand and arm,
purring friendship all over my knee.

Circling you wind down to curl your feathered tail
around yourself and me, relaxing completely
(except for satellite ears)
into curve of soft furry sleep...
white chin on grey paws.

Copyright: Vivien Steels (October 2005)

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