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The Blood Transfusion


Jordan (Above) & Goani (Below)

GoaniMy darling Jordan was about nine months old and had just had an operation to remove his bits (he was well annoyed with me for days after). He also had all his injections against all sorts of diseases, the ones they normally die from. A few days after all these events I received a telephone call from my Vet. It was a Thursday, I'll never ever forget that day.

He asked me how Jordan was and he needed my help desperately. He told me that he had a cat in his surgery who was dying of feline leukaemia and had perhaps a few hours to live. This cat was really, really sick. The only option and last chance this cat had to survive, was a blood transfusion from a healthy cat, someone like my Jordan, who was a similar build, and colouring. Would I give my permission to take some of Jordan's blood, so that they could try and save the ill cat. Of course I said yes, and was at the Surgery within half an hour. Jordan did whatever he needed to do, and the Vet said that from then on it was a lot of hoping and praying the cat would make it.

The next evening I received a telephone call from the cats' owner who basically kept on thanking me and Jordan for saving her cat Goani. Goani as it turned out was the very sick cat and by Jordan being able to give him blood, the antibodies attacked Goani's illness and his leukaemia went into remission.

Needless to say, we met up and became firm friends. Goani and Jordan never did meet, however, they were real blood brothers and pictures of them were in both our houses. Goani lived for another seven years in as good as health as can be, given the circumstances, and passed away from non related cancer a few years ago. Tessa and I still talk a lot about what has happened all those years ago, and we both love Goani and Jordan to bits.


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