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Sunshine Our Section Five Cat!


Sunshine. We discovered accidentally that he can be quite ferocious. As a result of this discovery (told in the following story), we now call him our "section five" cat.

About two years ago, the unneighbourly old woman who lives across the road took Sunshine and two other of our cats to the local humane society, claiming they were strays. I searched and worried and cried for days. Finally I found out? from another neighbour that this woman was known for kidnapping neighbourhood cats and taking them to the humane society.

I went immediately to the humane society to retrieve them. Two of the cats were in the adoption area, but Sunshine was not. When I described Sunshine's colouring and gentle, skittish personality to the humane society personnel, they looked quite doubtful, but said that they "might" have a cat that looked like him in... Section 5, insert ominous music!

Section 5 is where cats are placed who are considered 'unadoptable' due to their ferocity and unfriendliness. But, they cautioned me, this cat wasn't skittish or gentle... he was quite savage, and was scheduled to be killed. I insisted on seeing him, so they took me there, winding among the sad cages of other animals, out to a bare and unwelcoming tin shed on the side of the building away from everything else.

Sure enough, there was Sunshine. I went right up to the cage and opened the door. All the humane society personnel took several respectful steps back. I called to Sunshine, and he came toward me and suffered me to lift him out and place him in his carrier (after I cuddled and reassured him briefly). All the while I could almost hear what the humane society personnel were thinking. "This cat's name is Sunshine? How incongruous. She's going to get savaged. But she claims it is her cat. But wait... he's coming to her... she's lifting him out... he is actually letting her hold him? It really must be her cat!"

I never did find out exactly what it was that Sunshine had done to deserve Section 5, but I imagine it had something to do with 20 whirling scimitars of death at the ends of his paws.

I gave my neighbour quite a talking to when I came back, as you might imagine, and she has never done it again. And ever since, every once in a while, when my daughter or I see Sunshine being skittish, we joke about him being our Section 5 cat.


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