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Pet Passport Conditions

The Pets Travel Scheme (PETS for short) allows you to take your cat or dog to most countries in Western Europe and Scandinavia, and return to the United Kingdom without putting the animal into quarantine.

However, to qualify for exemption from quarantine, you must meet certain strict conditions relating to your pet's health status. Below is a guide of the new rules.

If you stay in the states, whether it is at Chicago Hotels or San Francisco B&Bs, make sure you have pet friendly accommodations."

Tips When Traveling Abroad

When you have selected your destination it is advisable to visit the government website: or call the PETS helpline: 0870 2411 710 ( UK 8.30-5pm Mon to Fri) to check the following points:

Before you Travel

To qualify for the PETS scheme, cats and dogs must meet the following before they leave the UK:

Before You Return...

To guard against the introduction into the UK of certain potentially dangerous parasites (Fox tapeworm and certain Ticks) you must also have your pet treated against them 24-48 hours before re-entering the UK. You must also have a certificate signed by an approved vet in the country where the treatment was administered to confirm that these treatments have been given.

Note: Only Praziquantel is approved to control the Fox tapeworm.

It's a good idea to make sure you can meet al the requirements of the Pets Travel Scheme well in advance of your planned travel date.

Remember: If you do not have all the required paperwork, your pet may well be refused entry into the UK, or obliged to spend 6 months in quarantine.


For further information go to the Government Website: (possible broken link?) or ring the PETS Helpline: 0870 2411 710 ( UK 8.30-5pm Mon to Fri) for fact sheets and information. Or e-mail Or fax: 020 7904 6834 (UK).

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