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Helpless Kittens Find Home & Love

July 2003

By: Marie Trone

(Reprinted with permission from:
The Hattiesburg American)

The Hattiesburg American Editor's Note: Marie Trone is a graduate student at the University of Southern Mississippi who is currently working as a dolphin trainer at Parque Nizuc, a water park in Cancun, Mexico.

After the sun had set one evening our son informed us that there was a plastic grocery bag sitting near our house with three little kittens inside crying.

That was Casey's way of asking if we could keep the small cats. However, Casey had found an abandoned beautiful black kitten a couple of years ago at Okatoma River Resort near Hattiesburg and the wonderful owners let us keep the tiny creature. Therefore, my husband and I simply stated that we did not need any more pets and resolutely said "no" to opening our doors to another animal that may live 20 years.

Melted Hearts

Nonetheless, just before we went to bed my husband said in a sympathetic voice, "Oh, I hear them crying! Poor little things!" My husband's sympathy melted my heart and I felt an urge to simply see them.

Following the urgent meows, I found a single yellow kitten, not much larger than a full-grown hamster, trembling in the chilly night with its eyes closed.

Upon seeing this pathetic animal I knew that it certainly would not survive the night. I scooped the fur ball up and brought it home to show my husband. We were both moved by his tiny size and asked Casey to bring us the rest.

Casey jumped on his bike and recovered the plastic bag. Once home, we pulled out a tiger striped kitten and a white kitten with patches of tiger stripes. The third kitten inside the bag was already dead.

I purchased a syringe from the pharmacy and used it to feed the kittens milk produced for human consumption. Once the kittens had full bellies, they quieted down and fell asleep. My husband fabricated a hot-water bottle out of a zip-lock plastic bag, placed it under a towel inside a box, and left the kittens there to pass the night.

Morning Light

On Saturday morning they were still alive. However, the eyes of two of the kittens remained closed and their eyes began to bulge. The following morning my husband gently cleansed their eyes and slowly the early morning light of Easter passed through their eyes for the first time.

Every time we fed the white kitten she grasped the syringe with her front paws, squinted her eyes, and twitched her ears as she eagerly sucked the milk. With her bulging eyes she looked just like Yoda from the Star Wars series, and that became her name. The yellow kitten was a male who sat with pride, so we began calling him Musafa, after Disney's Lion King. The tiger kitten remained un-named.

The population of stray animals in Mexico is unbelievable. I know that my husband and I cannot save all of these strays. However, as I relax in my hammock recounting these events, three Mexican kittens sleep peacefully on my chest.

Copyright 2003: Marie Trone
Website: The Hattiesburg American

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