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Cujo - The Black Brown-Eyed Cat

January 2004


"Let's go kill some sticks!"
About one year ago I was taking my daily walk around the block where I live, I came upon what was for me, an unusual sight... a black kitten with brown eyes.

He was one of the nicest friendliest kittens I had ever met. Never could understand exactly why his owner chose to name him Cujo. (For those who aren't sure, yes, he was named after Stephen King's Cujo, but the cat certainly was not rabid.)

He loved to get into peoples cars and visit with people, and he wanted everyone who walked by to pay attention to him.

One of his favourite toys was my walking stick, which he proceeded to "kill" everytime I walked by with it. He knew to be afraid of moving cars and dogs.

One time earlier this year, he went missing. Although I didn't know her well, just having met her a couple of times, I know his owner was frantic, putting up lost cat posters. Happily, a few days Cujo showed up again.

This past month I noticed that I didn't see Cujo on my walks around the block, and I was wondering if he had gone missing again. But then, I noticed that the furniture and stuff on the front porch of his owner's garage apartment started looking very bare, and I noticed that her car was no longer parked in front of the apartment. They had moved.

I still keep looking for him when I take my walk, I miss him. Maybe someday when I'm taking a walk around my block another black brown-eyed cat will come up and start "killing" my walking stick again.

Copyright 2004: Nancy Hosea

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