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Kahlua's Wintry Retreat


The snow has ceased, trash can pick up man's job is complete,
our plastic receptacle, several seasons old, emptied turned over,
and its cover alongside, atop the crust of the powered crusted
mewly piled snow, I'll pick up later, that's the natural flow.

Kahlua is sleeping, at the corner of our king sized warmed bed,
my wife stirs, anticipating an hour or two of rest; tranquility's neat.
Our companion's a ball of fur in shadows morning is turning to light,
she'll rise contentedly when her environment's perfectly right.

Now tortoise colored domestic cats, homebodies know their way,
domestication for a neutered denizen of this attached condo is
warm and comfortable, totally familiar, it's a well executed stay,
more than a habit, no vacation in mind - a wintry retreat's all the time.

The very first task that I've personally scheduled to perform adroitly,
is to gather her dishes, one for dried pellets, she never likes, water too,
the other, newly rinsed, for fresh canned various flavored victuals,
spooned with love; she's a sumptuous eater, more than a pecking dove.

Now the versatile precipitation removing tractor is shoveling away,
each driveway quickly, successively and efficiently - named bobcat,
a testimony of man's genius, a technology of mechanical wonder,
While our feline friend is uninvolved - a pet's expected life's play.

The Pope is dying, there's war in Iraq, commuting is troublesome,
Prime ministers and presidents supposedly ponder, generals command...
Yet our treasured companion undoubtedly is totally self sufficient,
Not wild, unhappy nor feral or hungry - innately doesn't give a damn.

25th February, 2005

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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