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Winter's Wonderlands?

Can you get tired of winter's wonderland?
In the Rockies, Siberia and Alaska they comprehend
the rapacious invasion of the first sight of daylight snow,
If only for a half hour, fifteen minutes do they say,
"This weather is got to go!"

Now rhyme is important clichés are not,
but March 12, 2005, should be a better new time to stop
watching the white stuff from gray skies to discontinue
move northbound, let up locally give up their mission,
roll over, at least change their spot!

Now it's artful to look at our lawn's singular tree,
fragilely covered with another coating of delicacy,
except for the tread of the newspaper delivery person truck,
there's no sight of accumulated piles of recent muck...
fortunately I'm retired - really this is too much!

A four wheel drive RV passes by in a hurry,
it widens the tracks of this avenue's slurry...
should I be angry, discontent, frustrated?
Blame the predictors they should know better...
our cat is fed she slithers upstairs, I'll not pet her!

12th March 2005

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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