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Kahlua, showing off her white whiskers!

White Whiskers

Our cat has half a face of white whiskers...
turned ten this year marked vet wise middle aged.

Belly starting to sag, still agile, jumps many multi levels:
in the kitchen, couches, hiding places, sleeper abode seeker.

Partially, a feral feline... tiger, lion, pumas, leopard...
a long lined carnivore, instinctively never to be imprisoned.

Whimsical imperfections to her don't matter, no fatter...

slinks about our household, at present she's no ratter!

Apparition ghostly visions, wild racing more than occasionally,
howls unmercifully when forced on automobile embarkations...

Are cat whiskers important factors, space sensing gauges?
Appendages, are aging white whiskers determinants of sages?

2nd June 2005

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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