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Sylvester Grooming Kashka

Sylvester Grooming Kashka! Companions of Karen and Stanley, they have had Sylvester for many years and he adjusted beautifully to the adoption of Kashka in his abode.

Where I Turn

Kahlua knows where I turn, where I'm at,
filling the garbage can with top of a can,
unwrapping the newspaper, throw their covers
away, starting off tasks beginning this day.

She waits by the storm door, anticipates food,
alert to my movements, ignores the news,
I open the refrigerator, Friskies the brand,
spoon its contents, seems she understands.

Fresh water, dry pellets too, assured creature
who doesn't give a damn if the Yankees
won or lost, if we rain bombs on Sadam.

She selectively munches her breakfast,
strides away, probably habitually knows
what I'll do for the rest of the day.

She's not a physician or a fortuneteller too,
has no statistical standard as a reference to view,
but I'm sure as I'm composing these lines
she knows my temperaments
and when her food is due.

3rd September 2002

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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