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When We Woke

When we woke, Kahlua was there, atop the bed sheets,
the comforter too, her tail erect checking,
'I'm alert and want to be near,' seeking affection,
a moment to pause, something to do...
'I'm around, my sleep interrupted, how about you two.'

Crunching tidbits,the evening wet food consumed,
fresh water, clean litter available,
her hiding spots not viewed,
being curious, yet little imminent, immediate or new.

Comfortable family member,
contented, alert, secure...
aware of her environment,
one soft purr, then nary a sound.

She crossed my shoulders, snuggled close to my wife,
no hardships, no reluctance;
Surroundings intimate and nice,
eight years old, mature house feline,
better than wandering strife.

I, in half sleep, stared at the beckoning pre dawn light...
wife curled up, settled in, eyes shut tight.
We whispered familiarly, touched momentarily,
separated, then finally, "Good night."

The world is flowering, spring is everywhere.
Forsythia yellow, cherry, pear trees blossoming,
morning, approaching hints in the sky.

Kahlua is at home, no outside doors are ajar,
I'll open a can of cat food...
at her convenience, she'll never go far.

5th May 2003

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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