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What Makes Me Tick

I cannot tell what I see when I look into the mirror, panes, reflective glass,
through the sliding back door, falling snow, ice, rain, the unmeasured ahead
a bird or many squirrels climbing trees, or even my equals starring at me...

Even the colours changing constantly on TV, there is no plot for me to see...
Humans I evaluate, some are family, but others who treat me properly,
I will accept, instinctively I will blend with them, seems my senses agree.

I know not time, age is not burdensome, years obviously have no fears, pain
can be brutal, sudden sounds, day, twilight, darkness are my venues, accept
I have my territorial limits, I will not stray from home I love life naturally.

7th January, 2008

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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