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Well Fed Cats

Properly fed cats are time takers,
no need to hurry, supper is through,
the evening snack is too, down the stairs,
in their slinky way, even pause for a moment,
look around, perhaps a purr.
Might watch birds on the lawn, swish their tails,
know distinctly where their dishes are...

Even if you're crabby or mixed up,
they wait impatiently, look slightly askew,
misplace a can of food or drop a dish,
it's the owner's problem, "I had nothing to do!"

Dogs bark, nervous, fret...
can't wait until their fixings are set.

Feral creatures are different.
Canines in packs grovel amidst garbage cans,
felines are timid, run away... slow to make friends,
life shortened, day upon day.

Humans usually want significantly more,
gourmet service, gold trinkets,
power, status, patriotism often leading to war.

Never learned to make living enough,
can't balance the equation...
are the problems insoluble
or are our answers too tough?

April 11th 2003

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA
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