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Kahlua, watching the black cat visitor through the patio doors.

The Visitor

Haven't seen the visitor for awhile...
the mature black cat must have changed directions.
Lives in this condo development, has wandered away.

Usually passing our sliding patio glass door...
Kahlua, our homebody feline, watches starkly aware.

Neither creature shows any affection or change,
no thank you, no come in just a passing by.
Strangers, like objects unknown pausing momentarily,
having nothing to say, wandering haphazardly passing along...

Do they know one another, the same game, a recent accident,
I think not, maybe her housekeepers casually locked their domicile,
is the sun too hot, I'll not know, just do, habits blow away?

Or did one not want a meeting, a conversation not spoken,
Being different I continue to watch... truthfully, I'm not a cat!

11th August, 2007

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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