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Beauty adopted brother to Kahlua.

Wake Up Call

Kahlua kneads the flowered quilt
on my wife's bedside, routine behaviour,
softly, a tortoiseshell female's response,
daybreak's underway, don't tarry too long,
there are multiple tasks to do.

Morning pills, bits of frightening news,
overthrows, conflicts, killings,
peace responses, daylight one minute earlier,
outside this window, curbside trees renew.

Don't dwell on the impossible,
flip the pages, change mind's churning views.
The aging person's muttering,
"What is the world coming to?"

Once I woke the children with,
"Zippety do dah," now in their middle years.
Life's problems,twisted knots trickeries,
enmeshed in tangles, resolved then unresolved,
like most of us, more than a few.

Espy yellow tulips in full flower,
the faux pear branches, buds emerging strong,
I wonder if this is enough to break,
repititive dirge like songs?

Morning wake up calls reverberating,
wait one moment, don't trip,
feed the cat who runs ahead unerringly,
'The captain of this ship.'

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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