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Waiting For The Computer

Kliban Computer Cat

Seems proper to reconstruct the
mind wavering,
Waiting for the computer to wind up
stretch its insides,
There's time, a gift given, nothing
lost or forsaken.

Even perusing what I've recently
written deciding
What to submit and where, subject
matter, words, expression,
Flaws to find rolling seven before

My wife asks,"How does this machine
I wouldn't know even if an engineer
told me so,
Mathematics wizardry is not my thing.

Can't even understand the
aerodynamics of birds awing,
Frogs croaking and crickets learning
how to sing,
Bach's recordings and tsetse fly
malarial stings.

Hours lost in pondering are not in
vain at all...
Forces build mountains, seas recede,
man's monuments fall,
Once I was six feet tall, giving
explanations is not my call.

18th January 2004

Author: Roy Schoenberg, New York.

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