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Princess Kahlua Resting!

Unseen Visitor

While in the kitchen intensely involved,
crossword puzzle doing, Kahlua slipped in.

After all, my first chore every morning,
is devoted to her morning repast...

Going downstairs later on
she most surreptitiously breaks her fast.

I did not hear her enter, did not see her there,
she most assuredly had left her bedside,
following leisurely...
I'm her manservant and of course
she didn't desire company.

Cats are stealthy, habitual denizens
of where, how, why... when life dictates
they facilitate to exit or enter in.

Now our Tortoiseshell feline isn't special,
other pet pessessors may disavow,
my premise is sustainable,
and I will tell you how.

Wild cat... puma, tiger, lion, leopard,
will slide into a tented campsite,
choose which food to eat,
leave innocuously sated,
on cushioned feet.

11th December 2002

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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