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Troublesome News

Our cat doesn't have trouble searching and sorting the news,
arduously clipping forty cents discount coupons...
then asking herself, "Why did I do that, what did I lose?"

Just deciding do I stay in the bedroom or go downstairs
for my breakfast buffet, she follows me up the flight of steps,
acknowledging my capacity for dispensing fresh food...

But there's continually ongoing war, mines cave in, needless death,
deliberate or accidental by god or gods, or at humans' behest,
I don't have to elicit selectively mammon's failures you know the rest.

Finally my tasks are completed, I'll meditate and stew...
for poetic expression, word and punctuation correction,
something to do, creativity engagement, searching points of view...

Our feline companion will sate her hunger, study the sparrows,
then take a nap, later roam the house, sit on my wife's lap...
not be caught up in insoluble conundrums - humankind's traps.

No need to ponder, uninterested in politics, patriotism, deities, eternities,
irreligious, superior mien, certain or unaware she'll wander by...
while we pray, seek configuration, she'll just walk her own way.

Author: Roy Schoenberg - 7th January, 2006 - Bay Shore, New York.

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