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Kahlua turns her back, showing off her new collar on her 14th birthday (5th May, 2009).

Kahlua The Trickster

Fourteen year old cats I suggested called as the British say "Moggies."
Need something to fill up each day, a new trick to perform at sleep time
when I go to my bed before dreams possess me sweep me away...

Now this feline is intelligent but is onerous and doesn't like my presence
when my wife is around, she cuddles and adores her and I'm ignored,
just thinks I don't exist anymore, I dole out tidbits no signs of affection...

Now I'm the feeder and the pet owns me, I'm jealous, Kahlua is the boss,
I'm not mean or selfish I do what to generally do she never hears screams,
when I show affection to Kahlua she ignores me and I am in pain...

Now the plot has changed, I hide each treat under my fingers singly,
her bating average is over sixty per cent, she munches then satiated
then wanders on, waits until tomorrow evening then is be gone...

5th May, 2009

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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