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Kahlua, being hand fed by Roy.


Kahlua and I waking early in bed together, paw to my pinky,
tranquillity, friend to friend, my wife is asleep, calm, peace,
a feline, an aging man, held together by a bond of love.
time is in hiding, pain too we are gratefully satisfied, just one...

No begging for a treat, not wishing solitarily for covering tricks,
no claws, no rituals to keep, so many years of bonding together,
no flatness, hold this position please, donít let it cease I ask...
moments sequentially repeated keep forever, rewards released.

Now I rise... she too go our separate ways, she with padded steps,
I move on, nothing is lost I stack her dry pellets, wet food, slippers on,
negotiate the turn of the downstairs twisting stairs more tasks to do,
I still remember the touch... companionship no qualms for speech....

26th November, 2008

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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