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Kahlua Hand Fed

Kahlua hand fed by Roy.

Touching Kahlua

My wife is at the computer avidly composing e mails,
qe crowd together, Kahlua my engaged spouse and I.
Kahlua prefers my wife's lap, comfort is her guide...

I watch the scene, a family the three of us cat, wife, I...
a crowd of three, our pet between the two, I touch
her fur, gently she agrees, just my finger tips no more.

Acceptingly or mixed bred feline pet the tortoise shell,
her neck, her nose and whiskers, we become one...
temporarily, didn't last long, affection, that's enough.

How does humanness exist, where does love live...
in the mind and in the hidden soul, an intimacy unfolds,
take wealth away and youth too, this story being told...

12th December, 2008

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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