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This House

This house belongs to Kahlua she's simply an old cat...
a calico like fourteen year old a monster not small or fat,
any place in this condo she knows the comfortable spots.

We've become friends a bit, but that's a whim full invective,
a success partially, she's impetuous has her own direction,
incurably a lion inside a tigress the queen of life's interplay...

She's choosy picks where to sit then hides artfully, if called
in any emergency, I'll fail in futile desperation find her...
she is in a closet, unafraid or vindictive she won't run away.

I tried to teach her some tricks of the trade, she'll attack
when my mind wanders a vicious attack suddenly like a stranger,
she will strike out for a morsel of food ending interplay...

This condo is her battle field, her fiefdom, her professional mien,
I guess I can't manage her manners I just want her to stay...
but heck I'm incurably a pain in the neck too with little to say!

3rd March, 2009

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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