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Waiting For The Sunday Gleaner

Jamaica paper has not arrived,
Doctor tales, penile implants,
early pregnancies, mossy messes,
just a joke, is he real?

Folk lore, horny guys and gals,
phallic size, telling truth,
repeating lies, orgasms enhanced,
insects' stimulants, puerile eyes.

Ads for fish, lamb, kilograms
chicken parts, corned beef,
ham in cans, call it fatty spam.
Goat, ox tail, soap and lard.

Turn the page, hot water heaters,
used cars... obituaries, poems, muck,
all in heaven, we miss you love,
up high with the Lord,
many angels, Papa, Doc, English names,
classified, collecting poor people's
hard earned JA bucks.

Death penalty, yes or no?
Bits of patios...
but mostly God, he told you so.
Read the Gleaner, that's the show.

January 2002

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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