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The Squirrel


Picture: Sunny in her younger days! Picture kindly donated by and copyrighted 2001 to PJ. Garner, - "A Squirrel's Tale, a site for squirrel lovers, featuring photography by a licenced wildlife rehabilitator." (Sunny took her leave of this Earthly realm the evening of the 17th of July, 2008. She had been diagnosed with inoperable cancer after removal of a vulvar tumor in late May but until the end she remained as bright, determined and gently loving as the first day we met. In the symbolism of having come full circle, at the last, as I held her close, I touched my nose to hers and quietly, oh-so-quietly, she was gone. But she remains at the very core of my heart... forever.)

When stirring around, cleaning up,
putting away spoons, plates and cups.
I pause for a moment
near the living room sliding backyard door.

Just one squirrel
on the wetted grass,
engaged in a task
I'll never know.
Even if a zoologist
told me so.

He was out of my vision
quick and sure,
as if he had discovered
a cure for "going on!"

A visual image I'd like to keep,
a magical shield I'd want to don.
as my life keeps moving
further on.

Author: Ray Schoenberg - New York

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