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Goat Head Soup

Roy & Carrel

Roy (left) & Carrel (pronounced Coral).

Are you gonna make goat head soup, Basil?
And white overproof rum punch...
sweeter than a thousand Martinis.
Peppery thin accompaniments,
more elemental than crusted gruyere onion soup,
and curried goat, jerk chicken, rice and peas,
all what tourists barely eat,
Jamaican style in Montego Negril Ocho,
looking for better sweeter Mary jane.

Are you gonna go back home?
After reggae sun splash so you say,
when Bloomingdale's will let you get away.

Not much money left after you kids
get Nintendos and failing grades...
enlist in the Marines,
and play bloodhound chasing Noriega
buffalo soldier style in Panama.
Did you come here legally? George Bush did...
is your brother Carrel better off in J.A.,
playing electric guitar, making like Marley,
the everloving charismatic legendary star.

You've got your distended disco,
big bass amplification distorted...
I got my poetry... more internal.
Not more successful than all the DJ's
half assed dreams!

Your wife's got the Lord..
my wife, I think she's stuck with me.

Go make your Christmas dinner,
I'll screw the first bulb in the Menorah
that replaced the artificial christmas tree
we stored away with other leavings
from our passing years.

2nd December 1989

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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