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Kahlua The Sock Destroyer

Somewhere In This House

Some where in this house Kahlua is involved...
in the kitchen with fresh food, dry pellets, in a closet,
sleeping, with my wife, looking out the living room sliding door,
endless places, curious or awake, if I call she might reciprocate?

I don't know if she will come for a delicious well known treat,
perhaps an opened drawer, from a hidden spot, meow probably demand...
there's a routine, a habit formed, a custom you might say,
just the beginning of each successive day, but that's the interplay!

In pet shops or shelters, butcheries, felines wait for food terrified or not,
probably no loving human hand, a bit of survival that is all,
mixed breed felines are rarely treated less than haughty or grand.
that's life I guess, probably you and I really understand.

27th March, 2008

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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