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Saying Hello

I said, "Hello," to our cat at her usual spot staring out
on the windowsill overlooking the bramble of poorly kept bushes
at the rear of the condominium where the air conditioner unit sits
as yet not humming away this July Fourth 2005 Independence Day.

She offered me a stare haughtily, perhaps intimately I hoped,
erect in her posture attuned to her world, was she familiar?
She didn't purr or nod, turned away, inside she knew that I
was apportioning her food: two cans, salmon tidbits, liver and bacon...

Refreshing her water, one of the many morning chores I've undertaken.
At least I've been acknowledged somewhat I believe, at seven o'clock
unless I'm mistaken; if it was a shaggy dog her tail would be shaking,
saliva would be dribbling my extended hand would be licked...

I would be rewarded, applauded for the sequences I've picked...

4th July 2005 - Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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