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Feral Jamaican Cat

Crouching apprehensively in the fork of a sensuous tropical tree
the feral cat stared fearfully at me, midst the foliage a pinpoint
of beauteous perfection, evenly stripped that's the total the scene...

Not raucously voiced, meowing off key, a bit of beauty focused
momentarily stilled, not searching for handouts, dispersed discards,
protectively lodged, a wild creature passively photographed enlarged...

Surrounded by a framework of uncut greenery, leaves entwinement,
the least cut foliage; cliff side vines twisted framework hidden...
startlingly clear temporarily caught in the lenses blinking eye.

Why did I call out "scat," callously breaking the idyllic scene?
I was the inhuman citizen of mankind, partially unclean...
selfish, corrupted supposed civilized protected, dishonored and mean.

15th February, 2007

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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