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Kahlua in one of her two baskets, mostly she prefers the humans bed!

Unanswered Question

Why do we keep her, we will not know,
would we be better off if Kahlua,
was wandering outside in the rain,
sunshine, winter's occasional snow?

Skittish tortoise shell feline,
altered six years ago, clearly an appendage,
to our life of comparative ease,
we pay attention to her,As an insult to us,
She seemingly satisfies her unspoken needs.

We trained her as a kitten, threw a toy mouse,
scampering relentlessly she found the prize,
returned the wet rodent to our side.

Now this cat perceptively realizes
she's the queen of this house.

She doesn't obey, called for companionship,
ignoring our pleas, she traverses away,
if close by, we pet her,
she either relaxes and purrs,
or in demonic revenge, scratches then bites,
a continuing pattern daylight or night.

Why do we keep her, we'll never know,
mutual affection, incremental woe.

Fate for tomorrow:
Time with scimitar extended,
stygian departure to Hades,
unaware of the schedule to keep,
the loving finial ascension,
the ultimate leap.

May 2002

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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