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Lottie & Kahlua

Lottie & Kahlua

The Purr

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

Between my wife and I
While lying in our bed,
The purr I heard, no stir.
I wanted to touch Kahlua's fur.
To feel the warmth of living,
To tell her I was near.

To say, "Delightful cat,
I know that you are here."

But felines are finicky,
Different you might say,
If you ask for affection,
They may go away.

Dogs devoted lappers,
Pet fish don't really know.

Creatures in a zoo are wild,
Only to their instinctual territories,
Do they want to go.

Humans need a pat, a word
Of recognition, then they understand.

Felis domestica, don't ask to stray,
They live inside your heart,
Enter your warmth and love perceptually
Then decide to stay.

5th December 2001

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