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Kitty Kahlua.

Feline Premonitions

When we bought Kahlua, from a pet shop about to close,
to the front of the strays litter box,
she opted to raise her miniscule paws
then her curious nose.

Neither the largest or runt of the menagerie
she stayed upright,
stroked our hands delighted, half gesture,
curiosity, six inches feline presumptive,

"You will be mine tonight!

You will take me to the veterinarian,
check my health, I'll be given shots galore,
never know what they're for.

You will release me safely,
from the kitchen table to balance,
on the upper stairs railing, fall,
break Limoges and Lennox,
race willfully and wildly,
on the sacred rugged household floor.

Take me to your bed at night,
toss mouse catnip toys,
I'll avidly run to find them,
set them close to you.

I'll be rewarded with
mysterious delectable
overpriced kitty treats.

But now that I am older,
I no longer give performances.

I'm the Proprietor of this domicile,
if in the proper mood,
you're allowed, with my permission, to occupy another chair!"

2nd June 2002

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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