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Kahlua, like most cats, has personal preferences...
People too: perhaps a word mistreated, a seemingly false smile,
or after lovemaking getting abruptly out of bed: preconceptions,
manipulation obviously, or 'thank you' words not said.

But this feline, I feed her, call her to my side,
she looks at me querulously and elliptically shapes her eyes,
then walks away, it is no surprise, if she wandered lovingly
toward my body from joy, I would be surprised...
in sublime ecstasy I would beam gloriously, the choicest time to die.

When she posts upon our bedside after my evening shower,
her miaow is strong and sure, titbits habitually demanded,
I reach into the bureau, withdraw the yummiest pellets,
she joins my wife and I am ignominiously ignored.

I replace her water regularly, alter her diet, and table treats galore,
clean her litter; ritualised tasks well to be abhorred.
If she would employ the English language exactingly,
I would be a servant unacknowledged, a hapless hopeless boor!

26th January 2004

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

Kahlua does not like that cat outside, allowed to wonder the neighbourhood!

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