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Prairie Dogs

Didn't See Any Prairie Dogs

Didn't see or hear about the prairie dogs, pictures of the past,
popping their heads out of the hilly elevated mountain called Devils Tower,
"We saw them once, possibly twice, never knew their days were numbered..."

Never realized they're rodents, the dictionary said, "Endangered."
Who would ever seek their demise, why do we always selfishly insist...
on shaping the earth our way, governmental decree, greedy humankind?

Somebody should know there is Nature's balancing acts,
we must learn to live without lions in the zoo, pandas in the park,
nor giggling children or voracious adults are not meant to decide.

Native Americans say they know, wearing amulets, praying to the moon,
we, the supposed civilized, using war and destruction as excuses,
always aim the gun, wishing perfection we zoom cameras...

Play with I-Pods, ignore the killing, gathering diamonds, rob the land,
ultimately we might turn off progress's cell phones...
not seek command, leave prairie dogs alone, seems best to understand.

October 25th October 2006

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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