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Bumble Bee

Peach Martinis & A Bee

Except for the no of don't drink when you drive
and growing wisdom and life and love alongside,
finding the fuller vision of a cold peach martini
is the combination of vodka, fruit liquor, shaken iced...

Of the gods holy design, a miraculous glorious defined
a sip of wonder, an accidental fulfillment of the mind...
drink this brew, atheist or believer, this essence divine seen,
there are moments when occasion has fully arrived...

Now alas the memory is fading away; today picking up newspapers
is entering, while the latter still stays, a huge buzzing bee
pecks at my neighbours falling early autumnal flowers, one to another,
the creature consumes delicately the sweet heart of each plant...

I speak softly and gently to myself watch the actions interplay
add to my living memories then go peacefully on my way...
the flavor of a drink concoction on my tasting aged tongue,
and the flight of a multi coloured insect observed, I have won!

4th October, 2008

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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