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Beauty: 21st July 1993 - 11th November 2002

A Pet Put To Sleep

A pet put to sleep, the pre destined trip to the vet...
Sitting around the office, the conversation reserved at first,
the unfamiliarity of the pedigree, fear exposed...

Slippage of urine on the waiting room floor,
interminable time, nervous, the animals called sequentially,
the shots given then leaving at the rear side door...

Tabulating the final cost: pups, cats, occasional exotic animals...
the tears streaming down your face, silent moments in your car,
then driving home, the emptiness, can there be much more?

Telling your wife, "There was no pain shown, only mine,
we made the decision, it was ours, it was right, our friend,
our pet was seventeen just peacefully left our sight."

30th August 30, 2006

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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