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Kahlua Relaxing

Less Than One Year Old

Just staring out the window contentedly,
looks at me then turns away...
Change the environment and you would see
our less than one year old kitten differently.

No grasp of the calendar, no familial spats...
Today's all that matters, sporadic action,
wrapped in sleep, running precariously,
leaping bounding not knowing where she's at.

Creature with a past: Egyptian, Persian, Siamese...
Life's Paradise, the present is what you please,
slip or slide, fall from the banister to the floor below...
Break a keepsake, in defining your physical needs.

One life spent, you have eight more,
you land on four paws, a perfect score...
But never wander too far from the front door,
you only purr, your manned relatives roar!

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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