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Moving On To Old Age

Kahlua has become discrete, or is it our relationship...
I've aged in leaps, giant steps, infanthood forgotten,
elementary school, teenage pranks glorified, loves pacified,
responsibilities never nullified...
for the past eleven years just one pet cat at our sides.

Dependability, she's there, still leaps well,
hearty appetite, quick churning speed, full of feline mysteries,
galloping past me, moving on to old age,
independency, self sufficiency, plays a bit,
one level past middle age consistency...

Belongs here, wouldn't leave or want to, steadiness surmised,
runs upstairs or downstairs, watches the elements,
keeps abreast of other cats outside, intrigued by aviary
even the smallest life passing accidentally by!

23rd May, 2006

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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