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Not Liked By A Cat


Kahlua the tortoiseshell.

Called by my wife or daughter, she responds,
I'm off her list, not liked except at feeding time,
my looks, my demeanor, what qualities possessed;
I try to give my best, she often strikes at me...
I always am demeaned, never earned her respect.

Is it appearance, my outward presentation, my scent?
Never accepted, I clean her litter box, sweep up,
rejected or attacked, playfully or deliberately,
she either leaves insulted or angrily, bites at me,
is it my disposition, my fault, I constantly fail her test.

When treats are being delivered she knows, sits up,
makes her demands with a selected purr and begs.
Eventually I satisfy her wish, she jumps off the bed,
I've fortified this habitual behaviour, a pleasant miaow,
then asks again, as an umpire she knows the score.

5th August, 2006

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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