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Kahlua, inspecting her shadow!

Mood Swings

Mercurial fluctuations, only feline,
canines anticipated reactions
always arrive: lick, bark, beg,
whether you've gone long, over night,
week vacation or rising from bed.

But cats have rituals, feign, mood swings.
Without seeming sense, reason, or rhyme,
that are dispensed, with little fidelity,
using an inexplicable intellectual mind.

When my wife calls,"Kahlua,"
Our moggy of note, she may come if she wishes,
conspicuously ignore us if she does not.
a quick change of direction,
turn away, indicting indifference,
"That's enough,you're a nuisance today!"

As for me I am helpless, I feed her most times,
avoid my desperate gestures, except for tidbits,
treats me inordinately like globules of slime.

When we are outside and visible,
she'll cry, meow, claw the screen door,
our presence, "Miraculously Divine!"

On occasions a tiger, a hunter ideal,
a centipede's fate eventually sealed.

She is yesterday's ghost, independent and sure,
an obstinate loved one, who chanced to stay,
a delight in our household, night and day.

5th September 2002

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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