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At The Aqua Azul Falls - Mexico

Mexican Dog

A sad pathetic sight... a mongrel dog, barely surviving in the streets of Mexico.

Between two cities in the state of Chiapas the Grand Circle bus
left the twisting highway, descending the mixed mountains terrain,
lines of vehicles, ticket purchases, incessant paperwork shuffles,
intensive labour, Mexican style, then the parking lot maneuvering, dislodging.

Bathroom seeking, male facilities, urinals, toilets, no embarrassing lines,
woman's otherwise - outside third person demeanor, locals and tourists,
mixed race chaos, killing time, not yet at the waterfalls cascades,
asphalt, crowds, beggary, peddling trinkets peso seeking confusion ill defined.

Always abject Indian young children, small, large, string braclets, souvenirs,
to take home, incessantly demanding - wallet pocketed buttoned,
putting my sunglasses clip on over my too expensive scratched glasses,
waiting for my wife, stirring the dust and dirt, impersonal, not alarmed.

Then the milling crowds, alien faced anonymous natives and intruders,
dogs pass by, feral long legged creatures, ribs exposed, haunted hollow eyes,
no pets are they, unnoticed ghosts, not fed, wanderers, strays,
solitary missions unknown, homeless nomads ignored, unnamed.

Consumed sparse cheese ham sandwiches, tasteless, worse than school cafeteria food,
purified water or was it soda or Corona Beer, I douldn't say...
Climbed some stairs, viewed the waterfalls, photographed each other,
vanished away, watched greasy taco making, rubbed shoulders with poverty, didn't stay.

10th March 2004

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York.

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