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My wife collects memorabilia from where ever we go,
careful assemblages... delicate glass, Passau on the Rhine,
or was it Koblenz, which too would be fine.

I'm more for sweet bottles of white wine
that we don't drink anytime, placed on the rack
where the Bose Radio sits alongside busts
of Mozart and Beethoven... purchased
somewhere in Austria or Germany,
bought on separate occasions,
search around shopping to view.

In fact photographs are her specialty,
Jamaican albums: Bobo the macaw, waiters, maitre d'...
The owner of Hibiscus Lodge, called "Chef Freddy".

Moray eels in the Caribbean ferociously hiding,
Pelicans, mourning doves, people living or dead...
Sequenced chronically, captions occasionally read.

Even freeing a trapped sea green turtle,
encased in a filthy man made hole,
rotting stinking offal being fed.

Wooden primitive carvings from Haiti,
shells from the beach, all displayed
artfully neat, logically placed, visual treats.

Monument Valley, Zion Park... Crater Lake,
Maps of trips driven, poetry framed... all keepsakes.

What do you gather, I'll never know,
ask me over... your life being shown.

9th November 2002

Author: Roy Schoenberg - Bay Shore, New York, USA

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